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Perfect Apple Desserts for the Fall
by mark anthony at 2014-12-10 14:50:00

To any foodie, an apple dessert in the fall is arguably the most perfect combination in the world. Vegetarian or not, a majority of Americans are definitely dessertarians (if that can be considered as a classification), especially during autumn. And for that majority, here is a list of apple desserts that you don’t want to miss this fall.

Torta di mele- apple pie

This Italian dessert is sure to capture the deepest fantasies of your taste buds. The torta di mele is a moist and light dessert that also serves well as a snack with a coffee or tea. Its exotic aroma also gives you a kind of warmth that is perfect for the season.

Apple peach cobbler

Apple peach dessert is a healthy way to bid the sultry summer a good farewell. Made with seasonal fruits and sweetened biscuit topping and sprinkled with toasted almonds, the dessert is a perfect crunch. You also have the advantage of low prices on fruits this season.

Cranberry stuffed apples 

Baked apple stuffed with cranberries is another delight during the season. Adding cinnamon, nutmeg and walnuts enhances its appearances and gives it a fresh aroma adding to the spirit of autumn. In combination with some custard souse, you would not want to stop eating.
There are a few others also such as Dutch apple cake, Caramel apple bread pudding, apple peanut butter cookies and carnival caramel apples. Enjoy your autumn with these apple delicacies. 


What is the Origin of Biscotti Cookies?
by mark anthony at 2014-10-08 06:38:00

Biscotti cookies are named so because they are twice-baked cookies. In Italy, biscotti is also used as a general term to mean cookies. Elsewhere in the world, biscotti refers to long and crisply baked cookies that melt in the mouth. Biscotti are now available in bakeries, restaurants, and cafés all around the world. For instance, in Brooklyn, cookies are now displayed alongside biscotti and are very popular with the crowd.

Origin of Biscotti 

Biscotti is said to be invented during the ancient Roman period as a food for travelers. During those times, people had to travel long distances and they needed food that could last for their entire journey without going bad. Hence, biscotti emerged as a food to be packed and taken on long trips. However, it disappeared from the scene after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Resurgence of Biscotti 

During the renaissance period in Italy, the biscotti emerged again. Biscotti were made as a food for sailors who had to travel on their sea voyages for months on end. The moisture-laden sea air spoiled the other types foods at a quicker rate than normal. These twice-baked delicacies lasted a longer time and provided sustenance to sailors. As time passed by, biscotti came to be available in cafes and restaurants to be served with coffee.

Popularity of Biscotti

Biscotti are now made all over the world. They are now also made elsewhere in Europe and are especially popular in North America. In Brooklyn cookies like chocolate chip and vanilla get a stiff competition from biscotti.
For a taste of delicious biscotti in Brooklyn, head over to Circos.


What Are Different Types of Italian Pastry Desserts?
by mark anthony at 2014-09-24 06:32:00

Italy is famous for its foods, both savory and sweet. No one can resist the succulent taste of Italian pastries that are light and airy and full of deliciousness. Italian pastries are typically filled with cheese, cream, or fruit to create all sorts of flavors.

Types of Italian pastry desserts 

Here are some much loved Italian pastry desserts that you simply should not miss:
  • Bignoles are small pastries made from cream mixed with other ingredients to create the filling. These could range from creamy almond fillings to rich chocolate. The pastries are filled after the dough has been baked to fluffy perfection.
  • Cannoli siciliani are deep-fried tubes of dough that are filled with soft ricotta cheese mixed with chocolate chips.
  • Strudel is a pastry where the dough is worked into layers and filled with sweet apples. It is served topped with a layer of heavy cream.
  • Chiacchiere is pastry dough enhanced with flavors of zest of lemon or orange, and sometimes even wine. The pastry itself is lightly-fried and sprinkled with a yummy dose of sugar.
  • Krapfen, another popular delicacy, has a filling of rich cream and apricot. It is then filled in the dough, shaped into small balls, and fried. This Italian pastry is served with the added sweetness of white sugar. 
  • Cicerata is a pastry flavored with honey. Served mostly during Christmas, this bite-sized dessert is gooey goodness.
  • Seadas pastry is famous for its cheese mixed with pasta, and is served with honey.
Apart from the above, Brooklyn cookies are a popular dessert delicacy too. To get a taste of Italian pastries in Brooklyn, head over to Circos today!


5 Secrets to Cake Baking
by mark anthony at 2014-08-13 13:50:00

Learning how to bake can be as rewarding as eating a slice, and the satisfaction of having created something that delicious stays with you for a very long time. But before you venture into cake baking in your home in Brooklyn, it is important to know that it is more a science than an intuition. Once you have mastered the upcoming cake baking secrets, you can whip one without disasters.

5 most important secrets to cake baking

1. One of the things that is highly underrated, but a well kept secret of all professional bakers, is mise en place. Having all your ingredients perfectly measured and processed for the final mixing is the key to not having any unpleasant surprises. Cake baking requires precise timing.

2. Preheating the oven is an absolute must. Start the heating process as soon as you start preparing your ingredients so that it has a good half an hour to get warm enough.

3. Ingredients like butter, cream, eggs and milk should always be used at room temperature to prevent curdling.

4. Creaming is one of the most important aspects of cake baking. Take your time at this stage to ensure a light, fluffy and smooth end result.

5. Do not use flour without sifting. It is also important to measure things exactly and use a flat surface like a knife to get leveled measures in measuring cups. Remember it is a science.

Consider taking a baking course

These are just some of the most well kept cake baking secrets. It you are serious about your passion for baking, consider going for a baking class. A professional or expert will be able to tell you where is it that you are going wrong. 


3 Types of Italian cookies to bring to your summer BBQ
by mark anthony at 2014-07-30 06:30:00

Italy is world famous for its food delicacies and cookies are a speciality of the Italian Chef. Italians love making everything from scratch, whether pasta, pizza dough or cookies. They use local ingredients and combine beautiful flavours together to create unique dishes and bakery products. Among the various cookies famous in Italy, Pignoli ranks at the top of the list. It is basically a moist cookie with a chewy kind of soft texture and has its origins in Sicily. You can identify it by its color which is light golden. A paste of grounded almonds is used to make Pignoli and pine nuts are filled into the cookie dough before baking.

Try your hand at Anginetti and Amaretti

Another brilliant recipe for a summer Italian cookie is Anginetti. Like several other Italian cookies, anginetti cookies are semi-sweet with a hint of lemon flavour. That is why it is considered as the must-have cookie on your summer barbeque menu! It is made using simple ingredients such as eggs, flour, vegetable shortening, sugar and a few other additional elements.

Amaretti is a unanimously loved by all Italians and is a favourite cookie in the country. Add it to your summer BBQ by making it at home from scratch. Today, Amaretti, also locally referred to as ‘Amretti di Sacronno’, is made is all Italian bakeries and is savored by the Italian community. The main ingredient in the cookie dough is almonds and the recipe is very simple and easy to make at your Brooklyn home.


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