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The History of The Cannoli

Top 10 Cannoli NYCThe Cannoli is a tasty pastry from Italy which is native to the Sicily area and is an essential part of their local cuisine. This tube shaped fried pastry is filled with sweet flavored cream which was brought to Brooklyn, United States when Italians migrated to the country. Locals believe that the outer cover of the cannoli is uneven to represent the landscape of Palermo where it originated. It is regarded as the best Italian pastry in most parts of America where it has become a popular dessert in pastry shops and bakeries. Historians believe that the Italian version of cannoli has been derived from an Arab dish called “qanawat” during the rule of Arabs in Italy.

Evolution of the cannoli through history

This tasty pastry which has become a staple item at most large and small bakeries and pastry shops of Manhattan with has a considerable Italian population has evolved from its early Arabian days. While the humble Arabic “qanawat” had deep fried tubes filled with dry fruits and other sweets, the first Italian cannoli which emerged from Pelermo area was prepared as a special treat for the “Carnevale” festival. This traditional pastry was first made with ricotta cheese and sweet marsapone. The current variations of cannoli have undergone various changes and the cheese is blended with vanilla, wine, rosewater chocolate, and pistachio and other things.

American version of Cannoli

Though the cannoli has gained popularity around the world, it has also become an integral part of American cuisine due to the large number of Italian immigrants in different parts of the nation.  Though all cannoli versions in America today still contain ricotta as the main ingredient, some changes have been made to this best Italian pastry according to locally available materials like chocolate chips and cherries.