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Custom Cake Bakery in New York

When you are in need of a special cake for that special someone in your life, look no further than Circo’s Pastry Shop. Circo’s is a bakery that specializes in customized cakes for any occasion. Having a customized cake that was designed exactly for you is not something that you get very often. Over the years we have had the chance to create customized cakes for any situation and no matter what you are looking for we can make it happen. We are located Brooklyn, New York and we are one of the only customized cake shops in the area.

One interesting cake that we designed lately was for a New York customer who wanted a cake shaped like their friends face. They provided a picture of their friend and asked if we could design a customized cake in their likeness. Our skilled cake designer put together the cake in the shape of a face and a very good likeness to the picture. When the client returned to pick the customized cake up a few days later they were amazed at how good it was. They explained to us that their friend had always wanted a custom cake for their birthday one year, but they never specified what it should be of. After talking together with a group of friends in New York, our client decided that they would simply ask for a cake that looked like their friend. They figured that you couldn’t get a more customized cake than that.


If You Need a Custom Cake for Your Special Occasion in New York, Call Circo’s Pastry Shop

We love getting the chance to design new and exciting customized cakes in New York. We have crafted thousands of different cake designs and we always love a new challenge. Even if you are not quite sure about what type of New York customized cake you would like, feel free to give us a call. We will happily review some common choices with you.