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Italian Pastries Baked Fresh in Brooklyn New York

When you are looking for delicious Italian pastries in Brooklyn, New York, there is no place better than Circo’s Pastry Shop. We have been baking fresh pastries since 1945 and our pastries are the perfect option for any event. For example we receive a call from one Brooklyn customer last week who was in need of Italian pastries for an event they were holding in their apartment. They wanted to know what types of pastries we could bake for them.

We make a wide selection of Italian pastries for our Brooklyn New York customers. These include mini cheesecakes, pasta Chote, Italian ricotta, cream puffs, strawberry cups, cannoli’s, and many more pastries. Our cannoli recipe is the same recipe that we used in 1945 and has a real authentic taste that you don’t find in every cannoli today. We make them to order and custom fill them with anything that you request.

In the end, our Brooklyn, New York customer decided to try a variety of Italian pastries and the party was a huge hit. The guests kept asking who made the Italian pastries for it. Later we had many people come to our shop and explain that they had heard about us at the party and wanted to order some more custom Italian pastries.

If You Need Fresh Italian Pastries in Brooklyn, Call Circo’s Pastry Shop Today

We know that the most important part of pastry making in Brooklyn, New York is to give you that delectable sweet taste that you have been craving. This is why we have a tried and true selection of Italian pastries that never fail to impress. If you have any questions about our pastry selection, or if you would like to order some pastries for your own even, please feel free to give us a call. We would love to help out with all your Italian pastry needs in Brooklyn.