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The Circo’s Values and How They Deliver Great Baking

There are various forms of marketing that a business can use to generate more customers, but here at Circo’s we have always insisted that nothing can trump a great product and great service. Our Brooklyn bakery prides itself on baking the best cakes and pastries in New York and beyond. That’s why it’s so rewarding when a new customer walks through our doors on the recommendation of another customer. We had just this situation this week where a new customer searching for a bakery in Bushwick was pointed in our direction. Here are three values of our company that keep us producing our best work, all of the time.

A Diverse Range of Specialty Cakes, Italian Pastries & Italian Cookies

Here at Circo’s, we create a wide range of cakes, pastries and cookies, and we’re always looking to try new things. That’s why we love when a customer requires something bespoke, because it gives us a chance to get our creative juices flowing. If you need something our Brooklyn bakery doesn’t have on the shelf, be sure to ask.

An Old-fashioned Touch

Baking has been in the family here for many years. Since 1945, our Italian bakery in Bushwick Brooklyn has been delighting the locals and our Italian roots shine through in our baking. While we are always willing to take on any designer cake or specialty cake project, we never forget our baking heritage.

Listening to the Customer

We’re fortunate enough to see many of our customers over and over again, and this gives us a great opportunity to get consistent feedback. Our regulars tells us which items are their favorites and what they’d like to see incorporated into our future bakes. Of course, a new customer from word of mouth is our greatest compliment to how much someone loved our cookies, cakes and pastry. Even when customers move out of New York City or Brooklyn they continue to order. We regularly deliver our cakes throughout the New York City are and we deliver our cookies throughout the country.

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