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How Brooklyn Bakery creates the perfect Italian Rum Cake

With a large Italian population in Brooklyn, Italian cakes have long been a favorite of ours here at Circo’s. Some of our most popular cakes and pastries are based on authentic Italian recipes. We had one particular customer recently who was looking for a traditional Italian dessert for a party they were throwing for a friend. They told us they had been searching for a great New York City Italian Bakery for some time, and had stumbled across our store whilst out running errands. They were looking for a bakery that could bake them a classic Italian rum cake: a special cake for a special occasion.

What is an Italian Rum Cake?

As the name suggests, rum is a key ingredient in this classic recipe and one cup of dark rum is common. A rum cake is a four-layer cake that is filled with alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate pastry cream. The whole cake is then covered in whipped cream icing before being garnished with almonds. Additional decorations can take the form of chocolate, maraschino cherries or fresh fruit.

How we get the perfect Italian Rum Cake

We get rave reviews for all of our classic Italian cakes. Residents from throughout New York City come back to our Brooklyn Bakery time and time again for a variety of Italian cakes and Italian pastries. To ensure great quality cakes every time, our eggs are beaten adequately; this ensures the cake rises properly. Additionally, we ensure that every part of the cake and pastry has completely cooled before we begin to assemble it; this ensures that each separate layer maintains its integrity.

The End Product

This particular customer called us up to express their delight at having stumbled across our Italian Bakery in Brooklyn. As expected and true to our reputation the cake was a big hit with everyone at the party and they’ve promised to return very soon and place another order.

If You Need an Italian Cake for Any NYC Occasion, Call Circo’s Bakery of Bushwick Brooklyn