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3 Reasons use Specialty Cake Bakery in Brookly

We are crazy about cakes here at Circos Pastry Shop and have been producing all sorts of designs and flavors since 1945. A great deal of our business comes via word of mouth so we were delighted recently when a new customer walked through our doors in Brooklyn New York with custom 1st Birthday Cakes on their agenda to celebrate their baby’s special day. They had been sent our way by a long-standing customer and after spending some time talking them through our selection of cakes and decorations, we set about creating their design. After the event, we were delighted to hear they were overjoyed with the end result. Here are 3 reasons both our reputation and customer following has continually grown when it comes to ordering specialty cakes in Brooklyn:

Custom Cake Bakery in Brooklyn

As we’ve been making cakes pretty much every day since 1945, we like to think we know what we’re doing. In addition, our cake specialists will be able to talk you through all the options you have available. We can show you similar styles we’ve made previously to give you inspiration. In essence, we can expand your thought process outside of a basic recipe or the looks of traditional cakes.

It Frees Up Your Time

If you’re in need of a cake, then there’s a good chance that just like our 1st birthday cake customer from New York, you’ve got some other plans for your celebration. At Circos, we customize the cake and create something truly special leaving you plenty of time to tend to your other arrangements.

There May be Little Difference in Cost

We continually hear our prices are really excellent, given the quality of product we produce. At first, baking yourself may seem like a thrifty option. But if you’re not a regular baker, the cost of the kitchen gear you’re going to need plus the ingredients may mean the cost isn’t all as different as you’d think.

For the best custom cakes and specialty cakes in Brooklyn and throughout NYC check out our gallery and if you’d like to see how Circos could help you design and create a cake for your wedding, graduation, birthday or other occasion give us a call.