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Tastiest Wedding Cakes in Brooklyn

The wedding cake is the highlight of every wedding celebration. Since 1945, Circo's Pastry Shop has been providing residents of Brooklyn and its suburbs with delicious baked goodies for all special occasions. Our bakery, which started out with old-fashioned French and Italian pastries and cookies soon gained prominence for wedding cakes and other cakes for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and the likes.

Our family-owned business has been known for specialty wedding cakes for many years now, thanks to our unique creations and ability to retain impeccable quality. Patrons have used our famous fondant wedding cakes for generations to ensure that their special occasion retains its magic with Circo's creations.

Wedding Cake Options for Bride and Groom

Both the bride and groom can order special wedding cakes to mark the occasion with photographs of themselves on the cake or miniature replicas of themselves and their family members in beautiful icing. Circo's is famous in Brooklyn and throughout NY as makers of unique wedding cakes with fanciful designs and delicious taste.

Our famous wedding fondant cakes, made out of creamy confection are customized according to the occasion and order to suit the palate of guests. Our wedding cakes are customized according to the size and shape decided by the couple. We are also known for our customized cakes provided for bachelor parties as well as bridal showers.

Call Us for Customized and Personalized Cakes

To make your special occasion all the more memorable, we add a personal touch to your fondant wedding cake which will be the envy of your friends and family for years. You can also order items like pastries, cookies, sandwiches and several other tasty goods which can get your guests smacking their lips.