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For Generations, Circo's Pastry Shop has been producing the finest pastries, cakes, and cookies in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. The taste and quality of our pastry items will keep you coming back. For years patrons have enjoyed the authentic taste and quality of your pastry items and our summer delights, like our freshly made gelato.

The tasty delights at Circo's are still made the old fashioned way. Whether you are looking for fresh baked Biscotti, Pastachote' or our famous Cannoli, or to add a fine touch to your special occasion, Circo's welcomes your visit!

Get a Flag Cake for this 4th of July

by mark anthony

Be patriotic with a flag cake

It is a known fact that Americans are a patriotic bunch and every family comes out to celebrate 4th of July in their own unique way. 4th of July is for outdoor barbeques and Apple pies and celebrating the American way with friends and family. And the main feature of any 4th of July party is the Flag cake made in the colors of the United States flag. Bakeries in Brooklyn sell out of flag cakes on the 4th of July. But if you don’t want to go to a bakery in Brooklyn to get a cake, why not make your own flag cake?

Make your own flag cake

There are different ways of making a flag cake. The simplest way is to make a conventional pound cake and to top it off with fruits to make it look like the American flag. For example, you can bake a large rectangular pound cake in any flavour you want and then frost the whole cake with white icing. For the red portions you can use strawberries and for the white portions you can use blueberries to decorate on the frosting. You can also use food colouring or pureed strawberries and blueberries to colour the cake mixes. After baking, these cake layers can be arranged in an eye-catching manner.

Order a flag cake beforehand from your bakery

If you do not have the time to or skills to bake your own flag cake, then you can easily order one from your nearest bakery. However, you must place an order in advance because everyone wants a flag cake on the 4th of July.

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I luv em!!! ((Hugs))!

- Blonde Bunni Genovese

Dear Staff of Circos,

I ordered some cannolis as a Christmas surprise for my family. I just received them yesterday. I have to tell you that they are delicious!!! I am originally from upstate NY and live in Kentucky..... the land of no cannolis. The kids reaction when we opened the box was priceless. You would have thought it was box full of gold !
I just wanted you to know how your cannolis made such a special Christmas surprise for my family.

Thank you.


Renee Cline

- Renee Cline

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