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For Generations, Circo's Pastry Shop has been producing the finest pastries, cakes, and cookies in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. The taste and quality of our pastry items will keep you coming back. For years patrons have enjoyed the authentic taste and quality of your pastry items and our summer delights, like our freshly made gelato.

The tasty delights at Circo's are still made the old fashioned way. Whether you are looking for fresh baked Biscotti, Pastachote' or our famous Cannoli, or to add a fine touch to your special occasion, Circo's welcomes your visit!

3 Types of Italian cookies to bring to your summer BBQ

by mark anthony

Italy is world famous for its food delicacies and cookies are a speciality of the Italian Chef. Italians love making everything from scratch, whether pasta, pizza dough or cookies. They use local ingredients and combine beautiful flavours together to create unique dishes and bakery products. Among the various cookies famous in Italy, Pignoli ranks at the top of the list. It is basically a moist cookie with a chewy kind of soft texture and has its origins in Sicily. You can identify it by its color which is light golden. A paste of grounded almonds is used to make Pignoli and pine nuts are filled into the cookie dough before baking.

Try your hand at Anginetti and Amaretti

Another brilliant recipe for a summer Italian cookie is Anginetti. Like several other Italian cookies, anginetti cookies are semi-sweet with a hint of lemon flavour. That is why it is considered as the must-have cookie on your summer barbeque menu! It is made using simple ingredients such as eggs, flour, vegetable shortening, sugar and a few other additional elements.

Amaretti is a unanimously loved by all Italians and is a favourite cookie in the country. Add it to your summer BBQ by making it at home from scratch. Today, Amaretti, also locally referred to as ‘Amretti di Sacronno’, is made is all Italian bakeries and is savored by the Italian community. The main ingredient in the cookie dough is almonds and the recipe is very simple and easy to make at your Brooklyn home.

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Woke up with a craving so I went to get my favorite cookies from Circos ;) —

- Flor Maldonado

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This is hand's down the BEST Italian bakery EVER!!! I have tried cannoli cream from all over, and it just does not compare to what Circo's has to offer. In the summer you will be missing out if you don't stop by for an italian ice... spunomi is my favorite! The pastries are as authentic and delicious as they come. This bakery is a gem in the community and is worth the drive if you are from out of town. The amazing designer cakes speak for themselves, but I fell in love with their pastries and cakes before they entered the cutting edge of cake decorating.... and they are definitely taking over the cake scene with the combination of talent and taste that will blow you away!!! Stop by or order online from Circo's today... you will not be sorry!

- Dawn Boeker

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